It is our duty to serve the masses, and their satisfaction is our wish
Hand over your creativity and let me contract your tissue

Guys! The Qingfeng Creative Collection Activity has started!

If you are a curious baby with creativity and ideas, good at discovering and thinking, come and participate in our activities!

This activity focuses on various aspects of household paper (paper extraction&roll paper), wet wipes, cotton soft wipes, kitchen paper, and handkerchief paper, and is not limited to content, packaging, and opening and closing methods.

We are responsible for turning your ideas into practical products, if you have special usage needs in your daily life? Do you have good usage suggestions? Or is it just a wild and imaginative attitude towards paper for daily use? Welcome to this place for exchange and sharing. You will create tomorrow's best-selling products for Qingfeng Life Paper! Please be as detailed as possible when describing your creativity. For improved creativity, it can be described as a problem+solution, while for creative creativity, it can be described as a product+achieved effect.

This activity provides a wealth of prize rewards, and participation can earn high points on the platform, as well as year-round paper rewards.

Let's clock in and participate together~a