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Customized high-quality corrugated cardboard splicing moving logistics cartons

Brand: Huaxin Printing

Custom processing: Yes

Material: corrugated cardboard

Carton Type: Ordinary

Scope of application: e-commerce, logistics, express delivery

Functional Features

Corrugated cardboard splicing moving logistics cartons have broad application prospects in logistics scenarios, and can provide customers with safe, reliable, convenient, flexible, environmentally friendly, energy-saving and low-cost item packaging and transportation solutions. Corrugated cardboard splicing moving logistics cartons are made of multi-layer corrugated cardboard splicing, with high load-bearing capacity and compression resistance, which can ensure that the customer's items will not be damaged during the handling process. Whether it's heavy furniture or fragile items, you can use corrugated cardboard boxes to pack with confidence.

1. Lightweight and durable: Corrugated cardboard is light in weight and has excellent compression and shock resistance, ensuring that the moving items will not be damaged during transportation.

2. Strong spliceability: Corrugated boxes can be assembled in a variety of splicing methods, such as ordinary melt glue splicing, hot and cold glue complementary splicing, etc., which makes the stability and load-bearing capacity of the box more excellent.

3. Environmentally friendly and healthy: corrugated cardboard is a recyclable and environmentally friendly material that can be recycled and reused after use. At the same time, no harmful substances are added during the production process, which is harmless to human health.

4. Wide range of application: Corrugated boxes are widely used in moving, logistics, packaging and other fields, suitable for items of various shapes and sizes, and have good economic benefits and market competitiveness.

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