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Fresh food available, logistics packaging and operation box, with complete specifications

Brand:Huaxin Printing
Functional Features
There are four types of oxygenation systems in the fresh food transfer barrel box: spray type, pure oxygen type, inflatable type, and jet type. The spraying type is to pump out the Bottom water of the fish tank by high-pressure pump or self-priming pump
Connect the perforated pipe at the top of the box and spray oxygen on the return water surface. The pure case uses an oxygen cylinder to supply pure oxygen through reduced bed lubrication, leading to the sealed gas water mixing box bottom's air pipe:
Air type is supplied with compressed air by a compressor, which leads to the microporous tube at the bottom of the box, allowing hydrogen in the air to dissolve into water. Jet type uses high-pressure water flow to spray through the jet device
Spray out water flow, causing radial negative pressure, draw in air into the mixing section, and then spray into the upper water body of the fish box through a diffusion tube.

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