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Customized high-quality special hard carton express packaging box

Brand: Huaxin Printing

Custom processing: Yes

Material: corrugated cardboard

Carton Type: Ordinary

Scope of application: e-commerce, logistics, express delivery

Functional Features

The staff of a courier company, who are responsible for handling particularly important and valuable items sent by customers, often use extra hard carton express packaging boxes. . For example, these items might be jewelry, art, high-end electronics, and more. In order to ensure that these items can be safely transported to the destination, special hard carton express packaging boxes are often used.

Advantages of extra hard carton express packaging box:

1. The extra-hard carton is made of strong and durable material, which can effectively prevent the package from being squeezed, worn or shaken by external force during transportation, so as to ensure the safety of the goods.

2. The dimensions and specifications of extra-hard carton express packaging boxes are designed and manufactured in strict accordance with national standards and the requirements of express companies, ensuring the convenience and standardization of shipment.

3. The structure of the box is tight, and the interior can be equipped with cushioning materials such as foam and air cushion, which provides good impact absorption and cushioning effects, and fully protects the goods from damage due to shocks and collisions during transportation.

4. The special hard carton express packaging box has the characteristics of moisture-proof, waterproof, fire-proof, etc., and can be used under different environmental conditions to ensure the safe arrival of the package.

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