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what type of container is a cardboard box?
Release Time:2023-07-26
The containers used for combination furniture packaged in cardboard boxes include fixed containers, folding containers, and thin shell containers. In fixed containers, they can also be divided into closed containers, open top containers, pallet containers, etc.
Cartons do not belong to the type of container. A container is a specialized device with standardized dimensions used for transporting goods, usually made of metal or steel, with fixed dimensions and structure. Cartons, on the other hand, are containers made of cardboard and are generally used for packaging and storing goods, but are not usually used for international sea and land transportation.
How to pack large goods in cardboard boxes?
1. Reinforced cardboard: Choose reinforced cardboard with high strength and heavy pressure resistance to make cardboard boxes to ensure they can withstand the weight of large goods.
2. Add support structures: Add support structures such as cardboard partitions or interlayers inside or at the bottom of the cardboard box to increase its stability and load-bearing capacity.
3. Use reinforcement materials: At key parts of the cardboard box, such as the corners or bottom, use reinforcement materials such as tape, cardboard corner protectors, or metal corner protectors to improve the strength and durability of the cardboard box.
4. Reduce gaps: Try to use cardboard boxes that match the size of the goods to reduce internal gaps, thereby increasing the stability of the goods and preventing movement.
5. Proper filling: For large goods, use appropriate filling materials, such as foam gasket, bubble film, foam particles, etc., to fill the gaps and provide additional protection and cushioning.
6. Pay attention to sealing: Ensure that the sealing performance of the cardboard box is good, and use high-quality tape or sealing tape to seal the cardboard box to prevent goods from overflowing or being damaged from inside.
The load-bearing capacity of cardboard boxes is limited, and for particularly heavy or large goods, it may be necessary to consider other more suitable packaging and transportation options, such as wooden boxes, metal boxes, or pallets.
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