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What are characteristics of three-layer five-layer turnover storage carton?
Release Time:2023-07-10

Three-layer and five-layer turnover storage cartons are common packaging materials. 

They have some common characteristics and some differences.


1. Environmentally friendly materials: Three-layer and five-layer turnover storage cartons are usually made of cardboard, which is a recyclable and degradable environmentally friendly material.

2. Lightweight and strong: Although cartons are relatively light, they are reasonably designed and structurally reinforced to provide sufficient strength and compression resistance to ensure the safety of items during transportation and storage.

3. Various box types: Three-layer and five-layer turnover storage cartons have different sizes and shapes to meet the packaging needs of different items.

4. Economical and practical: Cartons are usually a relatively inexpensive packaging option, they can provide stable protection without adding too much cost.

Distinguishing features:

1. Strength and load-bearing capacity: Compared with three-layer cartons, five-layer cartons are stronger and more durable. They have higher compression resistance and load-bearing capacity, and are suitable for packaging heavy items and long-distance transportation.

2. Stackability: Since five-layer cartons are stronger, they are easier to stack and provide better space utilization efficiency, especially suitable for warehousing and logistics.

3. Protection performance: Relatively speaking, the five-layer carton has better energy absorption and cushioning effects on external impact and pressure, and can provide a higher level of protection, which is suitable for some occasions that require higher packaging products.

The three-layer and five-layer turnover storage cartons have the common characteristics of environmental protection, lightness and strength, various box types, economical and practical. Five-layer cartons have more advantages in terms of strength, load-bearing capacity, stackability and protection. Choosing a suitable carton depends on the characteristics and needs of the packaged items.

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