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The Widespread Application of Carton Packaging in Daily Life
Release Time:2023-05-11

The reason why cardboard packaging stands out among numerous packaging materials is not accidental. In the context of advocating sustainable development today, in addition to its lightweight, portable, and wide source of raw materials, its environmental protection has become an absolute reason for vigorously developing cardboard packaging. At the same time, green without pollution has also become a new direction for enterprise development. With the rapid development of modern industry and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the demand for cardboard packaging is also increasing, and higher requirements have been put forward for the quality of cardboard packaging.

In order to avoid the generation of waste products on the Dalian automatic folding and pasting machine for cardboard boxes, it is not only necessary to design the structural dimensions of the cardboard box reasonably, but also to ensure that the cardboard box has sufficient die-cutting accuracy and folding and pasting accuracy, so that the cardboard box packaging can automatically complete processes such as opening, forming, filling, and sealing on the high-speed packaging machine.
Carton packaging has so many advantages. In developed countries in Europe and America, it is favored by end users in various industries. It has become the mainstream packaging form in the European and American packaging market, surpassing other institutions and organizations in various packaging forms. Moreover, in the packaging markets of these developed countries, they all have a clear awareness of the "cardboard packaging market".

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